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As spam bots become more sophisticated, email php links for emails end up being outsmarted by spam bots. Spam bots are similar to search engine bots, but instead, they pick up every href="mailto: link to fetch email addresses. While adding something like "no spam" in the address most likely works, it is annoying for people who are emailing, since they can't just click the link.

Secure Email List, code named SecurEmailL is a simple php script that will use a form to display email addresses. Using the form, the user must click the button for the person he/she wants to contact.
Then, a redirect request pops up the email client to start typing the email. This makes the POST method required to actually get access to the email address. Spam bots will most likely never use the POST method as doing so to random forms would cause messes on some sites that have public forms, such as a guest enabled forum, for example and they would get caught easly.

  • Categories in order to classify contacts if needed.
  • Admin CP for adding and deleting contact addresses and categories.
  • Easy to understand file database for storing information. This makes manual editing easy, for reordering things.
  • Easy to use for web surfers. Simply click the button, just like you would click on an email address link.

    This script is still quite simple, but we are planning to add more features such as admin CP functions to reorder categories/contacts, and to make the overall script look nicer. Also, ability to block IPs may be implimented, this will be great for blocking people from actually being able to get an email address! If you know a spammer's IP, add it in!


    (Zip file - 22.9KB)

    Screen shots

    Contact page

    part of admin cp

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