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Latest news
Cool, a real update!
I had this script sitting on my server and realized lot of people might find it useful! So here it is. No more time outs on large databaes! Download
February 4th, 2004
Useless news update
I just felt the need to post a completly useless update. Merry Christmas and happy new year! Oh, and to stay ahead, happy Easter too!
February 1st, 2004
another update on UD script
With a busy schedule beating BBT to death by having many more forum features (I hate giving chances to evil ones) I have a lot to code, and I'm just waiting till they release their site layout so I can make one 5 times better and change it. Meanwhile I'm simply plotting a quicky html template of destruction.

So I decided to not make the script, realized I don't realy need it for myself with my whooping 8 UD members (only thing BBt beats me at... :D).

So yeah, won't be making it. I don't even know if anyone actually reads this site or not but I hope no one was looking forward for this script. L8r! But if anyone was really looking forward to it just give me a shout and I might fit it in my schedule somehow. :D
October 19th, 2003
update on UD script
Ok, things are a little slower then I thought as for making this script. First I'm doing a C++ version to get a feel of the algorthms that I'll need, and then once I know more of that it should be easy enough to impliment it with php.
But I might just release the exe version and not php. But if I do release a exe version it will be fully featured so you can make it generate ibcode etc... basically it will have somewhat templates and stuff. ;)
October 14th, 2003
Good news and bad news:
Bad news is, I decided not to release this security system. Basically because I made it specificly for my site, and for my needs, and it would be more work to make it distributable, and I also want to keep my security tacticts out of hacker's reach, where they can check the code and maybe find a security hole. But it's a pretty thick system, I doubt there's any holes, but just in case.

Good news is, I'm planing to release another script, and it won't take me 2 months this time to post about it.

This new script will make it easy to export UD stats for your UD team web site. It will pull the stats from the stat server and display them in your own format! I might also add some nifty features that will be easy to get from the stats provided. I've always hated complex math, but I love simple math, using simple math, I'll be able to add some nice features such as average # of returned result per week, month, year etc... Stuff like that. But I'll start with a simple page displaying the provided stats though. :)
October 2nd, 2003
Upcoming script: SafeWeb Scada: This will be a script system designed to log website activity for your very own purposes such as knowing where surfers come from (referrers) and what user agent they use (browser). But it does not end there, this script will have a feature to add security to your site by blocking certain referers, ips and even user agents. This script will require that you put a "logger" as an include for each page on your site. Pages without this logger will not be controled in any way by this software.

There will also be a nifty admin cp for managing rules and viewing logs. Each "block rule" will be unique and allow you to set a message alert that will be displayed when this user tries to go on.
August 25th, 2003
Ok, that nasty problem seems to be fixed quicker than I thought. The top site list has now been released and you can get it here!


There might still be a few issues but from the intensive testing it seems pretty stable and ready for release. If I find anything or that something is reported, I will fix it and release a 1.1 version. This is sort of a conditional beta as in if it works great, if it does not, report the problems and I can look into it. From my end it's 100%, but maybe more bugs will be found, so please do report them!
July 6th, 2003
There will be a major delay in all scripts. I have been informed my zip files don't work. I don't know what is going on but it's a piss off. Sorry for the invonviniance this may cause. July 5th, 2003
Topsites script coming soon!
The top site list is almost done production! There's only a few things to finalize and then I will run an intense testing phase just like I used to do it back in the Reliexec Software days and see how much it can stand up to many combinations of behaviors and clicks. With scripts it's even better since I can use a bot as well.

I had this nasty security flaw that I also fixed. It enabled someone to run off a script to modify any site without actually using a password, see, this script was run off another script that did require to log in, but anybody who has a little too much time on their hands could of took advantage of this to modify people's sites. The flaw is gone now, and I made sure no similar flaws exist. I love safety features!

So I plan to release this in a few days I guess so stick around this branch and stay tuned!
July 3rd, 2003
Happy Canada day!
I finally got around into working on the top site list. See, what makes it hard is that I used this old script that I had on my old site that Martyn Wilkinson nuked. Martyn Wilkinson is an evil man who likes to make people's lives miserable. Anyway, back to the script, so yeah, it's an old script that I had hard coded into my site, and it's in fact still there right now since I got my site back on a "legal" server... it was old crappy code, so now I'm enhancing it, making it easy to edit the way it shows up etc...

Some of the features so far are:
  • Pointing system to get your banner displayed on "featured site", votes give you points. 1 point for a redirect to the top site list, and 2 points for a redirect to the home page.
  • webmaster to webmaster messaging system. You can send messages to other sites listed, as long as they log in their control panel - they will be able to read them. ...and more.

    Features that still need to be added are:
  • Administrator CP - modify/remove sites, manage advertisers (as it will be possible to add other banners in the featured site section, affiliates and what not)
  • Better template editing system, such as header and footer for the actual list. Right now there's simply a main header and footer that is used for the top sites and webmaster cp and one for the way each site is listed. I need to add another for header and footer of the actual list, so it can be an entire table.
  • Ability to log activity such as voting, registrations etc.
  • Ability to get an email address and name apon registration. Something I forgot to impliment when I first designed the script and thought of...now. This will require to redesign quite a few parts of the script to fit these feilds in the database. fun fun fun.
  • Ability to put the copyright notice into the template, but force it so it can't be removed (Hey, I want credit for this :P ).

    This top site list will be one of a kind, and not using SQL, will be fast and easy to install! Stay tuned.
  • July 1st, 2003
    Ok, I hope no one is waiting for my scripts such as the joke portal, the top site list and other goodies, since I've been busy with my main site and now that I will be taking summer school for a whole month, I won't have time to code anything.

    I will rather be decoding stuff - Math! I hate math, at least the level I need to take, it's too hard for nothing, and it's useless. I rather learn assembly or something - that's useful (and frankly, it's quite easier).

    But fear not, I will release more scripts!
    June 28th, 2003
    SecurEmailL (Secure Email List) Has been released! June 2, 2003